Site Rules

Site Rules

Failure to follow the following will lead to possible deletion and/or banning from the site.

This applies to the whole website, including forums, blogs, chat/messages, public posts.
1. ABSOLUTELY NO PEDOPHILIA - This will lead to immediate account deletion and ip banning, and will be reported to even writing about said theme is a federal offense.
2. NO CHILD EXPLOITATION ALLOWED - This will lead to immediate account deletion, ip banning and reporting to even writing about said theme is a federal offense.
3. NO RAPE - Writing/posting media about rape is a federal offense. 
4. NO INCEST -Writing/posting media about incest is not allowed and will lead to a ban.
5. NO BESTIALITY - Writing/posting media about bestiality is not allowed.
7. NO UNAPPROVED DRAMA - If a user informs another user that they do not agree to the story-line, please respect their decision. Users who fail to cooperate with another user even after blocking will result in account deletion.
8. NO BOTHERING USERS IF THEY ARE THE OWNER OF A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT - This is role-play, please treat each character as their own (but if you feel that someone with multiple accounts is bothering/harassing your character or if you want to avoid them for any reason, please contact us)
9. NO HARASSING OTHER USERS FOR HAVING THE SAME FACE CLAIM - There will be users who might have the same face claim, please do not harass them. 

ALL USERS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER - Users must be 18 or older.

DO NOT SHARE OR REQUEST ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION - If users are found sharing another users personal information, this will lead to immediate account deletion. We know that many user admins like to share admin pictures (that is allowed) but please do not share your address or phone numbers and personal life. 

DO NOT HARASS OTHER USERS - If a user does not want to interact with you, then don't interact with them. If a user tries to find out why they were blocked or make initial contact that is allowed, but if it continues and it gets out of hand, that becomes harassment. 

DO NOT SPAM OR FLOOD - Repeated re-posting of any kind will be considered spam. Posts promoting outside services is considered spam. 

NO EXCHANGES OF GOOD OR SERVICES ALLOWED - Buying / Selling / and Seeking Payment is not allowed. This includes gift cards, digital items, webcam sessions.

THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE - These rules may be changed at any time for any reason.