Auburn Marie Summers

The Life Of Auburn Summers as told by Admin


 ❝love seems pointless unless you wanna spend forever with that person ❞

 ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮

                G e n e r a l

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   ━━━━━━ Name ━━━━━━

         •Auburn Summers•

   ━━━━Nicknames/Aliases ━━━

•Aubby, Aubs, Aubbybear, Lynn

         ━━━Biological Gender ━━━


   ━━━━━━ Identify as ━━━━━━


        ━━━━Biological Age ━━━━


    ━━━━━━Mental Age ━━━━━━


     ━━━━━Date of Birth ━━━━━━

                  •January 15th•

     ━━━━━Zodiac Sign ━━━━━━


     ━━━━━━ Birthplace ━━━━━━


     ━━━━Sexual Orientation ━━━━


     ━━━Romantic Orientation ━━━━


       ━━━━━Employment ━━━━━━


 ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮
          A p p e a r a n c e

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    ━━━━━━ Height ━━━━━━


   ━━━━━━ Weight ━━━━━━


   ━━━━━━ Hair Style ━━━━━━

•Straightened and pinned down behind her ear•

   ━━━━Eye and Hair color━━━━━

    •Naturally blonde hair and blue eyes

      ━━━━━━ Piercings ━━━━━

                     •Nose ring•
        ━━━━━━ Skin━━━━━━


    ━━━━━Usual Clothing ━━━━━


                   ❝Hey bean❞

       ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮

                P e r s o n a l i t y

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•She acts very mysterious . She never opens seriously up to anyone she's not close with. She is most comfortable at home watching YouTube. Happy person all around•

         ━━━━━━ Likes ━━━━━━

  •music, Indian food, dancing at night clubs, listening to music non stop, beach, pineapple, walks•

       ━━━━━━ Dislikes ━━━━━━

    •awkward situations, unexpected plans, explaining herself•

        ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮

                R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        ╰─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╯

          ━━━━━━ Mom ━━━━━━

         •Ingrid Summers, 39, deceased•

           ━━━━━━ Dad ━━━━━━

         •Kevin Summers, 43, deceased•

         ━━━━━━ Friends ━━━━━━

•She has these friends of four years who she appreciates the most and a lifelong friend named Carter•

          ━━━━━━ Love ━━━━━━

          •(open position)

         ━━━━━━ Living ━━━━━━

•She lives in an apartment in the middle of New York City•

         ━━━━━━ Pet(s) ━━━━━━

        •Bear, dog, five years old, alive•

       "Don't you wanna Dance with me?"

      ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮

                   F a v o r i t e s

      ╰─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╯

        ━━━━━━ Food ━━━━━━

           •Indian food/pineapples •

       ━━━━━━ Animal ━━━━━━

                     •Dog Lover•

   ━━━━━━ Movie/Tv Show ━━━━━━


          ━━━━━━ Song ━━━━━━

            You're Not Harry Styles -Dylan

          ━━━━━━ Book ━━━━━━

                •Harry Potter Series•

     ━━━━━━ Theme song━━━━━━

        Rex Orange County//Best Friend 


 ❝Stay with me, even when we’re ghosts ❞


        ╭─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╮

                    B a c k s t o r y

        ╰─━━━━ •| ⊱✿⊰ |•━━━━─╯

The day Auburn parents died, she felt as if she had just lost everything. They had left her home for two days so they could go on their anniversary vacation they had planned, unfortunately they didn’t arrive back alive. While they were romancing in their cabin on top of the tallest mountain around December time, their heater broke and all the cars/engine were dead.

Having no way to contact the outside world, or not daring to travel back down the mountain. They froze to death and were found a week later by a camp ranger. When they died, Auburn inherited everything at just 16 so she was legally allowed to live on her own and had more than enough money to support herself for about two years.

Not able to be in the town where that happened, Auburn moved after high school and met a bunch of friends. She even adopted a emotional support dog named Bear when he was just a pup. When the money started to dry out so she had to become a waitress and did other side jobs until she was called up to be a model because of her looks.

Auburn Lynn Summers was born on January 15 to Kevin and Ingrid Summers. From the time she was just a little grasshopper up until right before her 16th birthday, they tried to give her everything she needed or wanted.

They were stay at home parents, both owning companies where they could just work in their office at home. So Auburn was never alone growing up. They tried doing the nanny thing but she was so rambunctious the nannies wouldn’t even last a week. But she mellowed out at 11 and she was trusted to be alone while her parents worked.

Her best friend Carter showed up somewhere around that time and had all these crazy adventures with her at the beach. She was very privileged and wealthy but she wasn’t a stuck-up. Carter can attest to that. She loves him more than anything in the world. He keeps her grounded.


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