CJH || basic information.

ask if you want to know anything else; I can give you additional information if you want it.


birth name; charlie joseph sheehan.

name after parents marriage; hides.

known as; charlie.

nicknames; cj, halfpint.

named after; charlie, my papa.

date of birth; 21.05.1990.

place of birth; boston, massachusetts.

nationality; british.

current home; watford, herfordshire.


gender; male.

pronouns; he/him/they/them.

height; five foot nine.

eye colour; hazel.

hair colour; brown.

shoe size; 10.

tattoos; 6.

piercings; 0.

medical info; asthma.


relationship status; in a relationship.

partner / girlfriend; riley miller.

former partners; kameron michaels, tom holland, travis wall.

sexual orientation; pansexual.


mother; emma lorre, (rip, I miss you everyday).

father; charlie and james hides.

daughter; lillia rue hides.

siblings; alfie and ethan hides.

grandparents; mr sheehan, shirley sheehan, mr and mrs hides (rip).

auntsuncles; too many to name.


career; business and swimming teacher.

hobbies; football, swimming, sewing, dancing, painting.


fears/phobias; heights, clowns, spiders and small spaces.