Solo Challenge

This excerpt came from an idea proposed by Jack Sweeney. It is essentially a narrative for Jimin and gives details about his life and the other members. Everything stated in the excerpt is based on facts. I am 100% a member of ARMY and I would never spread lies about any of the members. Th


These days, when Jimin looked in the mirror he hardly recognized himself. When he saw his own reflection he couldn't help but see the awkward kid with glasses who tried too hard in school and was top of his class. The prepubesent boy living in Busan who really only wanted to dance and sing on stage, his one and only dream since he was even younger. But now that was actually here in the dance studio at Big Hit Entertainment in Seoul, the only thing he could think about was a time before everything that he did was under strict observation.

He would never say he was unhappy because he wasn't. He loved what he did, loved his fans and his company and especially the 6 other boys who had become his family. His home away from home. But there were many aspects of his life that were just outright frustrating. His schedule was demanding, if he wasn't rehersing or filming he was sleeping and the latter didn't come easily for him. He struggled with sleep even on the rare day he was off and it seemed the only thing that helped him with this was a hard drink.

Jimin wasn't an alcoholic by any means but he could chug down a full glass of champagne in 5 seconds flat. He would get drunk with with hyungs, (formal Korean term for older brother) Jin and Suga, often. It made them feel like regular people for a night when they were able to go to some small bar on the outskirts of town where the only other people there were the ones who were too busy with their own lives to even care about who BTS was.

Of course everyone in Korea knew of BTS. The group had done so much for the country economically and were even dismissed from the mandatory military service that the country had. This had been a controversial debate but in the end the government decided that the millions and millions of dollars the groups fans had provided to the country was more than enough to void their need to serve in the military. Along with a lot of other things, this outcome caused a lot of hate from people all around the world. They would say that the members were too weak for the military anyway, they were pretty boys who would do anything to get out of the service but the truth was, Jimin had wanted to serve. For a time in his childhood he had wanted to be a police officer, wanted to protect the citizens of the country he loved and help prevent innocent people from being victimized.

Jimin was used to the backlash by now. It had been 10 years since he joined BTS as the last member and all the things he had heard and seen about himself and his brothers had become background noise to him. He didn't care if people thought they were puppets, thought they were homosexual, that they couldn't really sing and it was all fake, that they didn't write their own songs and that the only fans they had were teenage girls, because none of it was true. And even if any of it was, he was happy and his group made billions of people around the world happy and that's all Jimin has ever wanted.

Being on stage and seeing the smiling faces in the crowd and hearing his name being changed by thousands was more than enough make up for the harsh words that some would say. But the one thing that never sat right with him was how some of his so-called-fans would pair the members into relationships, shipping specific boys together. It wasn't the shipping in general that bothered him because it didn't, it was how those ships would effect the way fans saw other members who weren't a part of their ship. It was the death threats and harsh comments he would read online all because two members who weren't a part of a popular ship had hugged on stage. Though the majority of their fan base wasn't like this and many would profess "OT7 forever" and "If you don't love all than you can't love any" and those comments were what he saw most often. And yes, he was actually active on social media. Sure their official Twitter and Facebook pages were ran by company officials but they had access to the accounts too and even their own personal Instagram and Weverse accounts that they were fully in charge of, with some rules of course. Jimin loved to interact with his fans, he loved posting and telling ARMY how much he loved them all and how much he couldn't wait to be on stage and see them all in person again. But he had slipped up many times and made silly drunk posts, they all had, and there was some form of punishment but usually it was just like a parent scolding their child for eating a cookie before dinner.

Their company really wasn't as strict as some thought. He knew that people had a negative outlook on the industry but each and every idol knew exactly what they were getting into when they auditioned and nothing came as a surprise to them. They knew they would be stalked by cameras almost 24/7, knew they would never be able to go somewhere like the grocery store without a bodyguard or 5, knew that they couldn't have a public relationship as long their group was still active and honestly that was the hardest part for Jimin. He had so much love to give but could never be open about who he was giving it to romantically. He had some secrets when it came to this, they all did. All 7 of the members had secrets that the public could never find out when it came to relationships and sexuality. Some hints to those secrets came out in their lyrics though and a lot of people had come up with a lot of theories. One secret that Jimin had hinted at was his own identity. He had made a bold move in a photoshoot where he got to apply fake tattoos on his body by putting the gender fluid symbol on his arm. The photo caused an out roar when it came out but Jimin was proud of himself. For years he had tried too hard to be "masculine". He had to make up for his sort height and his high pitched voice which some people said made him homosexual. How could something like that determine who a person loved and why did that matter anyway? The reality was though, Jimin liked to embrace his cuteness and he liked to be "feminine" but he also liked having chiseled abs and he liked the reaction he would get from women, and men, when he smirked at the camera or when he moved his body in a provocative way during a song. He was known for his duality, it was a character trait of his and he wore that badge proudly.

Jimin was proud in general. Despite all the negative sides of being in the K-Pop industry Jimin was so proud of himself and of his brothers who had all come such a long way in the past 10 years. From performing on stage in baggy shorts and backwards hats to 300 people, to speaking at the United Nations and becoming official government diplomats. Even though he was aware of what he accomplished he always stayed humble and still saw himself as that awkward kid with glasses who had chubby cheeks and was too short. But still, at the end of the day he was happy with his life and wouldn't change anything for the world.