Just a list of my roleplay rules.


Rule no. 1 — I only roleplay in 3rd person, and my style is typically Semi-Para-Multi Para depending on my mood and the storyline. Sometimes I write shorter depending on my mood in real life, so if I'm tired I usually write shorter, otherwise I try to write at least 2-11 sentences and between 2-5 or more paragraphs.

Rule no. 2 — I'm not here 24/7 due to me having a life outside of roleplay, if you wish to contact me on a daily basis you could ask me for my Discord since I am active daily there.

Rule no. 3 — I do NOT write smut with anyone unless you're my S/O, so please do not use my character for YOUR needs. I do not want to be a friend to someone who only wants to get into Britney's pants. However I take full responsibility for her being racy and seductive, but that doesn't make it right to come in and start storylines or comments with me that make me feel like an object rather than a person with feelings.

Rule no. 4 — Please do NOT spam me to get a response from me, it will not make me answer your message faster. If you continue spamming me I will block you, no questions asked.

Rule no. 5 — Please let me know if you will take a break whilst we're in the midst of a storyline or whatsoever, real life always comes first and I'd rather not sit and wait without having communication in our friendship.

Rule no. 6Do NOT control my character, I do not control other characters I have a storyline with since it is annoying and it makes me lose interest in the roleplay very quickly.

Rule no. 7 — I do NOT support any kind of racism, homophobia, transphobia etc. Neither do I support nor write storylines that include either those aspects or incest, rape etc.

Rule no. 8 — If we are going to write smut, you have to be AT LEAST over the age of 18 OOC. I do not want to risk getting in trouble.

Rule no. 9 — I only ship with chemistry and also do not plot romance (unless you're my S/O). Our characters have to be compatible with each other (through writing storylines or interactions in DMs/feed/comments) before I initiate a relationship for Britney.

Rule no. 10 — I may be active on the feed but not always in messages so please do not spam me in order for a reply there even though you see me being active— I am not always in the right headspace for a reply and like to take time with the responses, most of the time and of course depending on the length of your message.

Will add more rules if I think of more. ♡

PS. Admin is not from any English-speaking country so I'm sorry for any typos/wrong words or so while either chatting or plotting.