The Comeback.

Small writing about Lindsey’s first show on his new tour.


Three years. A lot can happen in three years and every single moment within the three years leads up to this very moment.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three years after being fired from Fleetwood Mac, two years after his heart attack, less than a year after his divorce became public on the same day he dropped his first solo song in ten years, Lindsey Buckingham stood backstage of the Pabst Theatre to put on his first live concert in quite a number of years. During a time where most people shy away from doing big events, his girlfriend even cancelling her upcoming festivals, Lindsey decided to throw caution to the wind and continue to go forward with his tour. Like he told his girlfriend - if a heart attack didn’t kill him nothing will.

The familiar feeling of her fingers resting on his shoulders brought him a sense of ease and normalcy. His eyes kept focused on his opening act, Sammy Brue, Lindsey’s head slowly bobbing to the beat of the song. “You’ll do fine, Linds, rehearsals went amazing and they loved you at soundcheck earlier” She was right, the small group that was in the theatre earlier in the day for the quick soundcheck that was in place of the usual meet and greet loved him - but they also proved they were dedicated fans to pay for the VIP package. His nerves were starting to kick in the closer it got to the end of Sammy’s quick set. It’s been ten years since his own solo album, four since his last album period - a duet album with good friend Christine McVie, and where he wasn’t worried being fired from a band that he assisted with making a worldwide sensation, he was praying that him no longer being connected to the band wouldn’t hinder people seeing the talent he posses.

Finally turning around so he could face the woman who was massaging the tension out of his shoulders, Lindsey couldn’t help but let a small grin form on his face. “I’m still shocked we were able to sneak you in without fans outside the theatre noticing it was you” Wrapping his arms around her waist, Lindsey bent down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I’m glad you decided to come on the tour with me, I know it’d help ease your mind and not worry as much” “As much” she repeated after the kiss, letting out a content sigh as he rested his forehead on hers. Almost their entire lives the hands of time never worked in their favor until Lindsey had enough. He had enough of what the band wanted as far as his little “marriage” to Kristen, he had enough of what people within both of their circles thought was best for him and her instead of asking what they wanted. Everything with the last three years of his life especially made him realize that he needed to stop doing everything for the world and do what he thought was best for himself - releasing his album, being on a tour and more importantly being with her.

The longer they keep everything slightly private and not have the entire world know they’re back together the better in his eyes. So much of the most personal moments of their lives has been in front of the public eye that he wants to enjoy this before the entire world talks about it. He doesn’t want to hear about how they’re toxic for each other, about how she’s the reason he’s no longer in Fleetwood Mac. Just for a little while he doesn’t want the world in his business, he just wants to enjoy his time with the woman he loves.

“Lindsey, my man, they’re on fire out there!” Sammy coming off center stage snapped him out of his thoughts, looking over his shoulder while he felt her face in his chest - most likely to avoid being seen by anyone who could have the right view. “It sounded like it, and it sounds like they loved you” Sammy’s excitement reminded him of himself from so long ago, getting the rush of the fans and a taste of the love they give. “I can never thank you enough for this, dude” Sammy tapped his shoulder as he walked around the couple and back towards the dressing rooms. Taking a few deep breaths, Lindsey let his arms fall from around her sides while her head pulled out of his chest.

“You look so gorgeous…” watching her bring her hands up to fix the collar on his leather jacket, Lindsey rolled his eyes before letting them lock with hers. “Something about seeing you in a sweatshirt from my tour does something to me…” A slight shrug escaped his shoulders as her hands rested on his pecs a few moments later. “I’ll be sitting back here watching every single moment like I have since I was seventeen. Til the wheels fall off” Lindsey placed his hands overtop of hers before bending down and placing a quick but passionate kiss on her lips. “Forever my biggest fan and hottest groupie. Beyond measure”

Pulling away as the lights once again dimmed out in the theaters and the erupted in cheers, Lindsey gave a quick wink to Stephanie before walking out onto the stage. Everything in the last three years lead to this moment, and Lindsey Buckingham was ready to show the entire world that he was back and better than ever.