The Fox's ex's

These are his actual ex's. I hate to have to put this part of his life here (as it's in the storyline aka his life) because apparently some people can't differentiate between ic and ooc drama. These are his actual ex's. I hate to have to put this part of his life


Debra Saint or Pantera Saint was his first real serious girlfriend. They dated from the mid 70's to early 80's (like '74 / '75 ish to about '80 or '82 ish). They were dating for about 7 or 8 years. They were living together on their own shortly but because of finacial situations they had to move back into their parents (s) homes. They had to mutually end it unfortnetly because of personal reasons. But they always remained close friends untill his death and she stays close to his family to this day even with his sister Lorretta who still adores her death.  Because of the close bond Debbie shared with Paul (Eric) his last girlfriend (Carrie) would often yell at him in a fit of jealously "You're going back to her aren't you?". Debbie and Eric had recorded some music demos to at some point since Debbie at one point wanted to be a singer but ended up changing career paths. 

In '83 he met this chick named Bambi. During this time KISS and Motley Crue were on their Creatures of The Night / Shout at the devil tour together. Motley got kicked off the tour due to their wild bad boy behaviour. Nikki Sixx even confirmed this to that under Eric's drum kit he and Tommy Lee fucked Bambi. Eric was upset and remained salty at those two understanbly. But he remained a Crue fan and always wished he'd get to tour with Crue again even admiring Tommy Lee ironicly. Bambi can also be seen on Poison's "Open Up And Say Ah" album cover.


'84 he stayed single and had his fun. 


'85 rolled around and he decided to date  a chick named Teresa Conroy. She was a well known druggie and groupie to say the least. Eric would send her upwards of $1,000 someitmes hoping he was helping her out finically and shit only to know she was using it for drugs. She left him for rock drummer Steven Alder of Guns And Roses. (another well known druggie and bad boy with Guns and Roses). Teresa said she left Eric because he was qoate "Boring" because he never did any drugs or partied. However, in '88 in a soundcheck at a rock festival Guns joked about a small audicance watching them, that audidance was Eric and his buddy and KISS's keyboardist at the time; Gary Corbett. He was madly in love with her but unfortantly she wasn't madly in love with him.


in '86 he was dating a bass player from a all female thrash metal band called Hari Kari. Her name was Charisse Texeira. He put a lot of blood and sweat and tears into not only trying to manage this band(at this point he was trying to branch out and decided to attempt to manage some bands on his own personal record label called Streetgang Productions while still being busy with KISS). He did everything from designing their logo to lending them his instruments to even wearing a band t of their name to help promote them and get them out there. Well the band and Charisse decided to fuck him over and fuck him over bad. Once he gotten them a place to record their demos they decided to take off and never be seen or heard from again. 


also in '86 / '87 he met Carrie Stevens who pratically stalked him after having a one night stand with him and her sister and her boyfriend jokingly said to her"so who's your rockstar boyfriend huh?". Ironcially she had a boyfriend at this time to. Eric wanted to get back with Charisse at this point even though he was still hurt and heartbroken. Carrie supported him but ended up weasling her way into his life even living with him as a roomate in his aparment. Even when he told her they weren't dating she still thought they were. It gotten to the point where Eric finally gave into to her and they began dating on and off for about 4 years untill his unfortnate death in '91 from cancer. This relationship was just not gonna work out with the age differances and her wanting to party all the time while he just wanted go bed and stay home in the evening / night. He was already stressed about his job in KISS by this point from Paul was treating him badly he didn't need her jealously on top of it. That's the one thing they faught over a lot was her jealously issues. She broke up with him a couple times before he decided to just end it call it quits. But she stalked him on the Hot In The Shade tour after he told her not contact him and shit. When found out he had the tumor in his heart he had to contact Carrie's mother and when she told Carrie she just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. It was Carrie's mother who got the two talking again. There was other issues I won't put here to that went on. 


I again have to write this out to tell ppl this isn't ic drama, this is part of his life, his story. He gotten to the point with like me he'd wanna bail at first hint of trouble because he didn't want to get hurt yet he loved and he loved hard and was loyal to a fualt. I think that's mainly when he gotten to Carrie any sign of trouble he'd just was "fuck this i'm out I don't wanna go through this hurt again"