Also very important information for you to read if you'd like to start a roleplay with me! Please take the time to read these over as they are typed out for a reason!



  • This is one of the most important rules: Please be patient! I have a life outside of the site which I will prioritize over roleplay.

  • Just because you see me online or you saw me log on does NOT mean I'm actively replying to people. Sometimes I just pop on to stalk the feed or to just check up.

  • If I don't respond, that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you! I have everyone's replies to get back to so please be patient with me as my fingers can only move so fast!

  • Don't spam me, if I don't respond in a week, bump me! Don't worry about your own responses, respond whenever!

  • Please be respectful as I will be respectful in return! I'm an extremely understanding person but that doesn't mean I'll let everything slide!

  • Please give me something to work with in terms of plot! Basically just don't make me carry the whole thing please!

  • Don't let OOC grammar/spelling/capitalization put you off on adding me! That changes as we start rping :D

  • I tend to forget to reply occasionally so if I haven't replied to you in over at least 1 day, please don't hesitate to message me OOC to see if I forgot/lost our messages as the site sometimes is screwy!

  • PLEASE send the first message if you send the request first. It doesn't need to be anything grand, just a lil 'hi!' will get my attention. I'd rather not beat around the bush trying to figure out if you're gonna message or not (Unless said somewhere that you don't message first of course!), and with this said after about 2 days or so I will unadd you. No hard feelings of course I just am not a friend collector. (:


  • Please keep romance both legal (none of that pedo sh*t) and non dark themed. Although I tend to get 'kinky' I would not prefer getting raped/beaten/taken control of.

  • Give me something to work with! A small paragraph will work! If you run out of ideas, please tell me and we can figure something out.
    DO NOT control my character or be op, I will block you!

  • Please feel free to interact in character! For example, doing funky stuff in the q and a, profile comments, status stream, hell, even messages! But please specify if you're OOC if you want to get a story going or if you just wanna chat OOC!

  • I WON'T do NSFW with anyone under the age of 18. I don't care if you think you're mature enough.

  • I have discord too; ASK If you add me on there, please don't use it as a way to always ask me when I'm replying or anything of that sort, I will block you. (: