Rules / roleplaying style

Rules / Roleplaying Style. Please read if you're interested in either talking to me or rping with me...................................................................

⌲3rd person only, please

(ex. He, She, Them, We)

⌲I will not write with anyone who uses - or * when doing an action. I prefer ".

(ex. "hey" he said NOT hey -he walked-)

⌲You add, you message ; I add, I message

(if you add me and decide not to message me at all for whatever reason I will message you "thanks for adding" and simply unfriend you. I'm not a friends collector)

⌲If we're just talking DONT be boring. I hate boring conversations and people

(during a conversation I don't like for someone to ask me what I'm doing and I'm pretty much detailed and when asked what they're doing they just respond with a nothing much. It's annoying)

⌲No one-liners

(I'm a literate and descriptive person and that's how I want replies from both of us to be. I don't mind a one-liner from here or there but don't make it a habit. You can't really have fun with someone who just sending one line"

If our characters already know each other, don't have to reintroduce yourself.
(whether its from another account or if they have connections with each other out of character. I'm usually good at remembering so yeah)

⌲Spelling Grammar

(all I'm asking if that you don't use text talk when roleplaying with me. Spell correctly, you don't have to be perfect at it just make sure most of your words are spelled correctly)

⌲Genres (I do)

(even though it's in my profile, people still have the habit of asking about genres. The one I enjoy the most are real life, romantic, drama and smuts are fine I just like to work up to it.)

⌲Genres (I don't do)

(I don't like anything that involves bullying, anime, furry or wrestling or anything that has to do with cartoons. I don't mind adding them as friends but I'm not roleplaying with them)


⌇YOU ask to rp, you should have a plot in mind. I will not be the one coming up with everything if YOU ask for it.

⌇Once we start roleplaying, don't go OOC

⌇No OOC questions (unless I'm actually okay with you)

⌇Don't attack me OOC

⌇No controlling my person

⌇Literate and descriptive responses, please

⌇No disrespecting others