KISS Lineups

Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...Some quick info about the lineups...


Paul Caravello joined KISS in July 1980 as The Fox after auditioning for the spot to be the drummer. His then at the time girlfriend Debbie (Pantera) Saint picked the name Eric Carr for him out of a hat of names the threw in together. He had the idea of Rusty Blades in mind since KISS had him try out a costume that thankfully didn't work out The ill fated Hawk. Peter Criss had left to somehwhat retire in '79. 

This left the line up from Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to just the three. When Eric joined it was still in the make up era..with the 3 OG's here..


Ace Remained in the band during the Music From The Elder or dubbed "Elder" / "The Elder" by fans and the band themsevles..This was the first record Eric made with KISS. This would be the last record Ace would make with the band. He wasn't even really there despite this record being recorded at his own home recording studio.


This is where it gets a bit tricky here. Despite Ace showing up for music videos and promotions and even being on the cover of this record - Creatures Of The Night he was never on the tour or on the album it's self. This was like an all star album kinda with different guitarists spot lighting on the solos. Byran Adams even co-written War Machine along with Rock And Roll Hell with Gene and co-written Don't Leave Me Lonely with Eric. However this song didn't wind up on Creatures but wound up on Bryan's Cut Like A Knife album. They had one guitar player on this record they ended up hiring real soon..Vinnie Vincent. Paul Stanely had created Vinnie's Ankh Warrior make up. Unfortanely Creatures bombed on their tour. So they hit the studio with a new album..

And for the first time ever on MTV revealed their faces. They took off the makeup. They couldn't get Vinnie to sign his contract so they had to let him go. They ended up with Mark. St. John..

Mark only played half of one show with KISS before he had to quit due to his wrist. Bruce Kulick was hanging around backstage being their back up player and basically did the whole show in Mark's place. Does the name Kulick sound familar to you? If so here's why. Bruce's older brother Bob Kulick played on many early KISS albums ghosting for Ace when he wouldn't show up due to being drunk or something. It was Bob who suggested to get his baby brother in the band and they did. This line up lasted from '84 to 91 till Eric sadly passed from a rare form of heart cancer in '91. Bruce however stayed in the band till KISS did their reunion with the orginal memebers..Eric's last appearance was in God Gave Rock And Roll To You II before he passed shortly after.