Every Dog Has Its Day

A journal for my thoughts random or serious.


It’s difficult when someone you love is sad about something.  Even if they go on about life as normal you still know that something is wrong.  I am trying to get Gerard out of that place because he’s good at hiding how he feels to others, but to me, not a chance.  It’s a lot like how I am on October 13th, I’m very quiet and reflective because I know just how bad things can go.  Tonight, was a very special night for us it was the first night we’d played together as a band after our hiatus.  As well about three years previous that that G and I got back together as a couple after not speaking at all for a while.  So, the last quarter of the year holds a lot of significance in our lives.


At some point during the early days of this pandemic, we even thought maybe we could salvage the North American dates which started back up in the fall in Detroit and we’d get to play the new L.C. Arena since the last venue we played at was raised.  However, none of that was to be when the entire tour got yanked.  G took that quite hard, what even further screws the situation is that tonight almost starts the clock over in a sense.  Earlier we were all on a Zoom call (yes Ray hasn’t blocked me from Zoom yet lol) talking about what we were doing around that time of the day last year.  Now with the virus still spiking and until vaccines are a thing for all and they kick in, the postponement dates are fast approaching.  He feels horrible that so many folks got disappointed in the wake of this; from the fans to the people helping us pull all this together even though it’s not his fault.


To lift his mood (yes I’m a sucker for that smile and a softy for that laugh), I’m getting girls are outfitted with snow booties, glow in the dark leashes, and miniature sleigh bells on their collars.  I swear it sounds like there are reindeer running through the house.  We’re gonna take a walk to check out the Christmas lights.  It’s not snowing any longer and thankfully we got plowed out.  Hopefully, a little place that offers ‘walk-up’ service will be able to make us some of their over the top hot cocoas for the walk home.  Then maybe checking out ‘6 Underground’ on Netflix because the scenery looks awesome.


So to whoever reads this thank you for letting me get this off my chest, and wish me luck!