Haven Nix Sweeney

While Jack has others he loves dearly, he has just one blood relative, his niece Haven. This is his story with her.


Jack has always been someone for whom family means everything. If he makes a friendship and refers to a person as family, that is a profound and significant statement. Jack was always close to his older sister Kay, who was the only family outside his parents who he got to see regularly.

Kay was a striking woman who commanded a room with confidence that dwarfed her impressive beauty. She moved to London at 19 to follow her dream to be a model and managed to find great success without ever becoming a world known name. She came home as ofted as she could, and Jack flew out to see her when he was able and so their bond was always strong, even as each had their careers flourish.

Kay was aboard a private jet that crashed that crashed just outside of Swindon en route to London where she was headed for a substantial modeling gig. Her husband, who was a pilot in the USAF stationed in Europe, was able to take a short leave from duty to return home to care for their daughter, Haven Nix Sweeney, who was 15 when Kay passed away. It was just another year and a half later when his plane went missing and while never found, he was presumed dead. 

There was no other family in England and so Haven moved to the United States and in with her uncle Jack Sweeney, an entrepreneur and businessman in San Francisco. She was his only niece and he was always close to her, protective and encouraging when she found herself needing another family connection with her parents both so busy. Jack saw great potential in Haven and always encouraged her to push harder, hustle more,and do everything she could to set herself up to be able to live a life she would be happy to live. He could be over the top at times, but the benefit of him not acting like a father and being overbearing helped. Jack was very real with Haven, never sugar coating anything, and she appreciated his blunt honesty.

Now 19 and living on her own in Los Angeles, Haven remains very close to Jack, as Sweeney's do with family. They will always be huge parts of each other's lives and each determined to build a legacy that brings pride to the family name they share.



❥ Haven Nix ❥ 2 years ago

I love you Uncle Jack <3

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