Jack's Ingredients

The collection of things and people that make Jack who he is.


Name: Jackson Sweeney
Age: 40
Gender: male
Pronouns: he/him
Orientation: straight but an ardent LGBTQ+ ally

Height: 6'2
Body build: fit,strong, but not overly muscular
Hair: very dark brown
Eyes: brown
Tattoos: 3, all tribute to important people in his life
Piercings: none

Smokes: only an occasional celebratory cigar
Drinks: socially
Drugs: never used anything

Favorite people

Niece: Haven Nix Sweeney

Friends and important people:

Anton Zaslavski, awkward little brother*

Charlie Hides, dramatic older brother*

Taylor Momsen, crazy sister*

Zara Diaz, long time , very good friend

* not blood family, but as close, or closer because of their bond


Background / Personality


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