Captain Jack

The basics of the infamous/notorious Jack Sweeney.


Jackson Sweeney

Born to a middle class Bay Area family, Jack always had a sense that business would be his place in the world. Less certain was how he would get there. Sweeney got himself into Stanford where he earned a BA and MBA, putting himself through school playing poker. While not a master with cards, Jack had a knack for reading people and relied on that more than luck or card counting to win pots. Twice qualifying for the WSOP he never made it to the final day, but managed enough in winnings over his time in school to pay for his education.

Jack's business grew rapidly on the strength of his unparalleled creativity and way with people. With absolutely no musical talent, Sweeney was always enamored with music and drawn to musicians. His passion for the art inspired him to cook up the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which takes place each August in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Many years later that same passion saw him enter into a business partnership with longtime best friend Anton Zaslavski in the form of Altitude Records. In between, Jack's event planning business burgeoned into a group of restaurants, nightclubs, a hotel, and a real estate acquisition of the famed Transamerica Pyramid. 

Sweeney is a man who relies on wit and charisma to make friends and build professional and social connections. He is honest (to a fault, occasionally), and a caring and compassionate friend who would do anything for anyone, and prides himself on being the rock others can lean onto when they need. He is confident, stopping shy of arrogance, though his humor can range from self deprecating to playfully cocky. Like everyone, his life has had struggles and triumphs, but as he will tell you, each day is a new page, a new opportunity, a new chance.