Mαɱα Dɾαɠυɳ

Hello my beautiful babies, wanna know more about me? Come take a look! I don’t mind, I’d love to learn more about you too❤️


      full name : Nikita “Dragun” Nguyen

      nicknames : Niki | Mama Dragun | Nik | Nemo

      zodiac : Aquarius

      age : 24

      sexual orientation : Heteroflexible

      birthplace : Belgium

      hometown : Springfield, VA

      current location : Los Angeles, CA

      occupation : Model, MUA

      company : Dragun Beauty and Instagram

      position(s) : CEO of Dragun Beauty

      ethnicity: Vietnamese, Mexican

      relationship status: Single



      build : Slim thick

      height : 5’2 and 3/4ths

      weight : None of your business

      skin colour : Tan asf

      eye colour : Brown/Hazel (Though, they change)

      natural hair colour : Dark Brown

      physical health : Good

      mental health : Questionable

      glasses or contacts : Contacts

      allergies : Grapefruit and liars



      mother : Rachelle Chevolo

      father : Kang Nguyen

      siblings : Too many

      significant other : Maybe soon ;)

      love interest : Dw ab it

      virgin : ...No.

      past lovers :







      intelligence : Average

      education : High School, Bachelor's Degree in

         Photography, Bachelor’s in Cosmetology

      languages : English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese

      mental illnesses : ADHD, BPD, insomnia, a lil anxiety

      mood : normally happy, cheerful, thoughtful

         easily entertained, dramatic, flirty, funny

         clingy, shy occasionally, very confrontational,

         sleepy often, stubborn when it comes to food

      phobias :

         - bees

         - the dark

         - storms

         - no being enough/loneliness

      notable habits : Figetting, biting her lip(s)

      prized possessions : Necklace given by eldest brother



      likes : animals, kisses and cuddles, dancing,

        comfort clothes, hair being played with, playing with

        OTHER people's hair, meaningful conversations

        new clothes, swimming, rainy and sunny days, cookies

        making new designs, taking naps, the smell of food,

        following my dreams, old movies, neck kisses/lovebites



      dislikes : being told no, arguments, cookies with no milk,

        air fresheners, strong perfume, being hungry, being

        disrespected, douche bags, people with no ambition or passion

        drunk frat boys, rude people, boredom, documentaries,

        black licorice, not being trusted, liars UGH,

        watery hot chocolate, wet socks, entitled people


      favourite colour(s) : Mauve, Maroon or White

      favourite animal(s) : Pandas, Raccoons, Capybaras, or Otters

      favourite song(s) : - limbo – airplane mode

               - Love Galore - SZA

               -  It's You (feat. Shiloh)

               -  Potsu - Im Closing my Eyes feat. Shiloh

               -  streetcar - Daniel Caesar

      favourite artist(s) : SZA, Anderson.Paak, J. Cole, Oliver Tree, Joji, Labrinth, Kendrick Lamar, HER, Daniel Caesar

      favourite place(s) : Hawaii, Vietnam and Venice

      favourite food(s) : Blueberries, Raspberries, Whiskey Caramels

      favourite drink(s) : Really sweet Daiquiris,


      disliked colour(s) : Orange, blue

      disliked animal(s) : None

      disliked song(s) :  Yummy. Sorry JB

      disliked artist(s) : n/a

      disliked place(s) : Russia, Greenland

      disliked food(s) : Anchovies

      disliked drink(s) : Grapefruit Juice, Prune Juice, non-mixed strong alcohol


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